Tealpod Image Compressor

Compress Images for Faster Blogs & Websites

Free Download

Pay what you want $


Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop RAW photos or folders of photos into the window. Or click Upload to add photos.

Convert RAW, PSD to JPG

Convert PNG, TIFF, CR2, CRW, NEF, EFR, BMP and PSD files into JPG or PNG.


The slider allows you to adjust the compression quality as per your requirement. It’s amazing.

Live Preview

Quality adjuster in the Preview Window allows you to adjust and view the results live.

Rotate & Flip

Correct the orientation of reversed selfies or horizontally saved photos. The Preview pane gives a glimpse.


Tealpod supports 20 different languages. Choose your language from the settings menu.


Add image or simple text watermark to your photos. Position your watermark in 9 different locations(Windows Only).

Social Media Friendly

Resizes images tailored to social networking applications for faster uploads.

Easy Convert & Resize

  • Drag & Drop photos into the application
  • Live Preview while adjusting Quality
  • Adjust Quality for JPGs
  • Choose Resize settings, Select size by Social Media
  • Add Watermark Text or Image in 9 different locations(Windows Only)

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